Monday, November 2, 2009

Jawed Naqvi a columnist for Dawn in India writes

Jawed Naqvi a columnist for Dawn(Premium Pakistani paper started by Jinnah) in India writes in favour of India extending PIO(persons of Indian origin) dual citizenships for residents of Pakistan and Bangladesh.This anecdote gives a sample of poetry people spoke in those simpler times.

Yet I could never not be totally riveted to Devika Rani’s wizened old face, often imagining that the creases on her face contained countless unwritten chapters of history like the grooves of a gramophone record hold myriad sounds and music. Her words still ring in my ears to a query on partition: ‘Tenu ki dassan, puttar. Tarikh vich raj badalde si, raja badalda si. Ae ki raj badlya ke prajaa hi badal diti?’ (Son, history witnessed countless changes of kingdoms resulting in the change of kings. What kind of kingdom have we created, in which the people were changed?)


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