Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Museum comes from Muse

I did not know the meaning of the word Muse so i checked it .It means inspirational deity.Mostly a woman who is inspiration for music art, play and learning like Goddess Saraswati( goddess of learning ) in Hindu myth.

The word muse has been used in Greek myth and there are nine muses.Writers have found their personal muses and written about them and because of them.They have fallen in and out of love with them and hurt in excruciating pain.I guess that is what great art is made of.Lack of tragedy makes dull literature.I guess it is all relative.For any artist Saudade or melancholy are essential feeling to experience just as love and abandonment.

What was interesting in looking for meaning of Muse i found out that Museum is place where muses are worshipped.Saraswati is worshipped by students in all schools .Though i have never seen a worship of muses(even symbolic ) in museums.I guess preserving arts ,literature,music is also a form of worship may be even higher worship than just lighting candles or incense.Only practice and preservation of arts can be proper form of worship to the deity(muse).If candles and incense help set the mood then so be it.

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