Tuesday, November 3, 2009

what is in a violin worth 10 million dollars.

Aaron Rosand a 81 year old violinist sold his ex- Kochanski violin.It is given that name as Mr Paul Kochanski an Polish virtuoso owned it before him .Mr Kochanski died in 1934.It is a violin dating back to 1741.

Mr Rosand has made 35 or 36 recordings on this violin.These violins are many times named after their owners .Will it be called now ex- Rosand or it will get an acquired name as ex-Kochanski-Rosand violin.

I wonder if any body is making violins which will become classics in the future like these master pieces of the eighteenth century.

Mr Rosand gave 1.5 million dollars to his Alma matter Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.He said that he will probably give more in time.

He was also pleased that new owner has promised that other violinists wil be able to play this instrument in the future.He felt he has left an important part of himself in that Hotel room in london when he sold this violin.

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