Monday, November 16, 2009

Bill Gates a Harvard drop out with Buffet at his alma matter Columbia

I am watching Bill gates and Warren buffet talking at Columbia university.

Some of the things Buffet said;

"I offered to work for a teacher for free and he said you would be too expensive".

"By learning communication skills you can increase your value by 50 percent he offered to pay 100 thousand dollars for the 10 percent of earnings of any student in the audience."
Very charming as he valued these students at least at one million dollars.

"Other thing he said that even when one has the best land there will be draughts five times in fifty years so do not be discouraged by draughts in business or life."

Buffets comment about Bill Gates was quite good, he said that his desire to serve the 6.5 billion people with his life, money and knowledge is quite impressive .He also believed he could do public good with the money better than Buffet could do.

Bill Gates admired Buffets integrity and willingness to teach.

Buffet also said "you can not Waite for the best prices when they present themselves you have to act, that is only way to make money in investments" and also said "cash was worst investment in the long run".


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