Monday, November 16, 2009

Did Obama bow to low to the king and queen of Japan

You all must have seen the pictures where President Obama bowing too low in front of the king of Japan and moderately bowing to queen of Japan.

There is a protocall which says a president should not bow to any soverign other than than people of america.This is a protocall which was meant to challenge the british royalty and has served us well.America has created a system where an elected president is leader of the strongest military in the world.Today we do not even have Draft.Military service is all volunteer.Our last three presidents were not military men even when our nation has been in undeclared wars for long time.

With our leaders not being military men sometimes they do not understand the importance of rank and protocall.President would have been served well if he had asked for advise from his wife and the dignity she showed while visiting Queen of England and won the hearts here and even in England.She as wife of rthe president had no protocall to follow.Ordinary citizens of USA are free agents and do not follow any rules.

In the end by Bowing to the king and queen of Japan prsident might have won over millions of Japanese people by this simple gesture.He as president is allowed to do any mistakes hopefully they are all like this one.HE IS NOT PERFECT.

Oh by the way Humbling and bowing are great qualities for any president to have .May be it should be a required qualificaton for every president even for leader of all nations.

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