Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yesterday At Mahesh's house things got funny and serious.

Yesterday at Mahesh and Gita"s house we had a wonderful dinner.His house is on a circle and he had total of nine people for it.A little wine and good company made it a fun evening.Everybody let their guard down and was having a very light conversation.As time went on conversation turned to paranormal and related topics.

There was couple who lived across from Mahesh.Wife was an English woman without the typical British accent and husband was a loving Portuguese guy,who came as a baby of one to America .This seemed like a perfectly mated couple for sure they seemed to strive on the same stuff.Woman had bought a $25 rowing machine from some neighbor.The machine was sitting in her Car and everybody was talking if this machine will get any use or not. Everyone had a story of paid health club memberships and no use of the clubs.This story extended to how we in America have so many exercise machines sitting in the basement in nation.or being used to hang some stuff,They had become expensive symbols of our follies.Just like the machines at Mahesh's hotel which were necessary for the franchise and not used by the guests.

Conversation moved to this couples cat who was lion of the neighborhood and prowled it in a manner fit for a lion and did not mind any human,animal,even dog or hawk.He even brought the gifts for the mother in the form of Caracas,s and some times even live ones of birds,chipmunks and bunny rabbits and other of the gods creatures. Creating a job for the family to bury the dead in ritualistically marked graves in their back yard.Adding to the graves of the ancient Indians who were native to this region .Native American history and folklore is connected with this region.Reverence for nature by these ancestors inspire love and respect for them and the nature they worshipped.Is not this all the representation of the god the all mighty.This is God poet of America described in leaves of grass and in Bhagwat Gita brighter than the thousand suns give the reflection of the idea.

This development is near river ( part of ten mile river) and a nature preserve.One feels almost as if trespassing on these ancients.They willingly relinquish the space to humanity and it is the burden of us to be good caretakers of this land.

The connection to the Indian land and their burials sites have left this family impacted and they have felt presence of these ancestors in their lives and have even felt them walking and even showing up in their homes making them more aware of this phenomenon. This has projected into their psyche and at times left them wondering about all this supernatural.

Though in jest i offered to help them at a fee which ran into hundreds of dollars to solve there problems with the supernatural.I also told them i had no special power,I would be using their own power to eliminate the negative effects of this experience.As times went on they were more confident in their own powers and felt that they could make peace the powers that be on their own.Naturally empowering the self is what saints have called self realization.This family is on its path.Is not it strange that if we pay for something we believe more in its effect.

I am not negating power of prayer and power of collective prayer .Exploitation in the name of god is my enemy.Powering the humans is goal of our God.Our duty is to leave the world better for the next generations than we found it .We really are only caretakers.

Thanks to the beautiful company for being part of this fun discussion.

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