Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jhumpa Lehri tells the follies and inner thoughts of us and in the process make us more human.

Now i have read three of her stories from her book unaccustomed earth.She seems to be putting a light on the life and struggles of immigrant Indians and their children in America.It might be even a cathartic exercise for her.Her first person narration puts the reader in the middle of the story and let us all take roles which suites us. We may not take any roles if we choose not to we are only readers without any responsibility or traces of readership.

There is a need for honest narration for all the societies .We all have common stories .Indians have stories of elitism for the learning and the place in society they have brought with them.The power to be able to write in English has also helped them.The Genre Jhumpa has chosen real life fiction (i am not sure what she calls it)is a great way to reflect on our life in America.

In HELL-HEAVEN she tells the story of a young MIT student breaking ties with tradition and marrying the woman he loves and then against all the norms of India he breaks another norm and becomes more contemporary American by divorcing his American wife(who was charmed by Indian Culture and may be family ties which he had broken to marry her)by falling in love with a married Bengali woman and destroying two marriages in the process.

It is story of double jeopardy.Honesty is quite charming.That also in first person writing.It is beautiful genre.We can be villains,hero's ,ordinary crooks,youthful lovers and deceivers and charlatans.Writer is all powerful .

This is the story of first generation Indians who came to america in 70's and have become latest group of proud american and are changing themselves and their children are becoming part of this experiment we all lovingly called AMERICA.

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