Friday, November 27, 2009

Hindu religous sacrifice continues and i am saddened.

In last weeks I have become aware of ritualistic killing of two hundred thousand of animals in Nepal.This is for sacrifice and tradition of worship of a deity in Nepal. I am saddened by the size of sacrifice.I am more saddened by the resurgence in this form of Hinduism in the world.

I am aware,decentralisation Hinduism takes around the world,with its local traditions and rituals.I have read in the past(history) animals being sacrificed for ritual worship and sacrifice to the deity.I have never seen these sacrifices and thought that they disappeared in the earlier part of last century.

M K Gandhi was heart broken to see the animal butchering in Kali Temple in Calcutta. He writes in his auto biography about this with great sorrow.He even then
wanted to find a way to end it at least ritualistic public part of it.He was born in An orthodox Hindu family of Gujarat which by tradition are vegetarian.It can be said he was promoting his personal food preference when he is talking about vegetarianism. Today many of us have become Vegetarian as our vote against the violence of natures creatures .There is no need for us to kill for food .It is ecologically better and more efficient use of our resources.India by its great majority of vegetarians helps us to solve the problems of hunger world wide.

If pubic butchering of animals would happen in America most Americans i know would turn to vegetarianism.If all of us had to kill to eat .Many of us would choose not to do so.

Out of all the cruelty, i have heard of the description of a grown woman of Karachi that how in the street of a temple after partition in Karachi some people decided to Kill cows in the street as part of the ritual of Eid Celebration. Blood flowing in the street and leaving this child with no place to play. She could not walk over and through these puddles of blood to school .She fell ill and did not get out of bed for more than six months.Animal Sacrifice ,to me it is not only the issue of religious privilege and preference of individual but its impact on others near and far should also be evaluated.I am also concerned with killing of large number of animals on a single day.This creates a hysteria and undue voyeurism and machismo in society.

Hinduism in 21st century has no place of ritualistic killing of any animals and like i read today the proposal of killing of rare turtle in Bali made me ashamed of such a practice.The tradition of capture and release of animals and symbolic sacrifice of breaking of coconut instead would satisfy all.I know these followers of Hinduism will have to decide on heir own but discussion of the subject puts it in the front and can only serve.

I know Hinduism being a adoptive and vibrant religion can handle all the problems it faces dealing with animal sacrifices or they will loose their followers.

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