Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Indo US relationship is maturing.

PM Manmohan Singh's visit to US and official state reception by President Obama has reduced the fears in many minds and has reinvigorated the multifaceted ties between the two nations and its people.The presence of Indian Americans in the society of America has also helped India develop better relations with USA.

This type of relationship building promotes the ideas of India and USA in a friendly environment.Common grounds and ideas are given time to flourish .This creates a sort soft power for both nations.As ordinary people understand the positions of both sides and see that these two largest of democracies have much more common in ideas which can be easily exchanged in the common language.India has lot to learn from American democracy and in return can teach some unique lessons it has learned in its experiment in last 62 years of democracy.

India's pledge to reduce carbon emissions is a change of its position and is welcome. India is able to do it only if it is able to use more nuclear power for power generation for its needs .India does not have a choice other than generate more power and bring its use to its hungry and in dark masses .Electric power is like providing a sun to the poor.India had chronic shortage of electricity and now with US India nuclear deal can generate more electricity for its development needs without adding to the carbon emissions.

With sufficient electric power India's productivity will increase by 25 percent by just better use of industrial plants.Education will benefit by adding lights to villages so children and adults have more hours to study time.Oh if only our leaders knew how energy hungry masses are of India they would have doe it many years ago. President George Bush will always have a place in history of India's development for passing the major legislation needed for India's Development.

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