Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Large Capacity Batteries

Deshpande Center and the Chesonis Family Foundation ,has funded work by MIT professor Donald Sadoway in designing and developing technologies for large capacity batteries.

These are high capacity batteries to be used by utilities to offset quirks in nature like low wind in wind turbines and cloudy days and nights for solar power Generation. There is need of large scale batteries or a electrical power storage process to get us away from peak period power generation issues .It is said that peak power generation is most expensive part of our power grid.By power storage we will be solving the problem which have been handled only by installing peak power generation using gas or oil.With the new carbon emission awareness and foreign oil dependence it is about time we looked for alternate solutions for high capacity batteries.

These Batteries are new in the sense that they use two different metals in Liquid form( at high temperature) and a salt as electrolyte .The process is reversed in discharging( use ) process.In the larger models electricity generated will keep the metals liquid ending the need of outside source for heat liquefying metals which are less than 700 degree centigrade.

It is brand new development in technology.

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