Monday, November 30, 2009

Swiss vote against minarets

Muslim Majority countries should not hide behind some vague religious edict to deny rights to minorities and liberals can not claim unfair treatment when they are silent on atrocities by majority Muslims world over . Including selling of women( by parents)and children,sometimes in the name of tradition and religion.

When Saudi Arabia will allow building of churches , temples, synagogues on its land even without any fancy decorations immigrants to Switzerland could have minarets.Why do these people not accept the tradition of their adopted land and rub the locals wrong way.Creeping of Sharia laws into Nigeria,Indonesia Malaysia and other societies Leave non Muslims concerned .How would you comfort non Muslims about treatment by Muslim majority in many Islamic countries.Many Muslims claiming their Islamic faith and law taking precedence over national constitution debases the debate and mingle religion with the issues of state.Equity and justice have to be taken in sink.When equity is denied justice also becomes a victim .

Sharia is not compatible with modern liberal mindset of the western democracies and can not resolve the conflicts those.with many constitutions.How do you resolve

84 % of Swiss are christian,11 percent non religious and 4 percent Muslim.Many countries in eastern Europe part of china ,India, Russia and Bosnia have many muslim majority regions.Sometimes these regions are most troubled and showes intolerance of the residents in these regions.

Switzerland has been christian for many centuries and since sixteenth century after Martin Luther many became protestants.Swiss have adopted a secular state so all faiths may have freedom to worship and practice their belief system without undue influence of any single faith.In last twenty years many migrant of Muslim faith have come in and their separate way of life has left the Swiss concerned about the character of their country and for good reason.Pluralism and democracy are essential for liberal society.Selective liberalism leaves us susceptible to another Hitler getting elected. Without a strong bill of rights democracies(election and majority rule) has been abused too long.Majority rule without full protection of the minorities is not democratic.

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