Wednesday, December 2, 2009

RTI My comment on

Hello Farzana,
I can not believe .You are criticizing RTI.Right to information .We know RTI is not the solution for what ails us .It is a start . A democratic society has a powerful tool in Information to its citizens.More and better informed citizenry a better democracy. Democracy is not merely a Majority rule of the wicked .It has to be with protection for minorities and minority view.

RTI can only put light on complex issues and i hope A class of people who do not need or are not dependent on others for basic needs can look for the general good of society.It seems that for the first time their is such a class being developed in media, public sector ,schools and other place in India .That is the great hope of India.Days when officials were only interested in getting their kids in foreign universities and buying some fancy gadgets have given room to a thinking Indian class .You are part of it, thanks for that.Arguments in this article are poorly laid out.

I can not believe you are suggesting A double negative as positive. More corruption to get rid of corruption .Hiring crooks as protectors.This is cynic's view to the nth degree.
You must not be serious about it.

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