Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Indian armed forces can breathe easy as CBI absolves them of wrong doing.

In Kashmir last year two women died while crossing a small river.That was tragic and to add to the tragedy conspiracy to blame the police and security forces for rape ,murder and cover up shook up the region.

This created the distrust in the region and was a cloud on the reputation of law and order institutions of the region.Luckily these two women were buried and their bodies were exhumed and a fresh post mortem was done with higher level of expertise from the AIIMS(All India institute of medical sciences).The result was that these women drowned and were not sexually violated and doctors and lawyers and family in order to capitalise on the tragedy conspired to fabricate the charges to hurt the police reputation and peace in the region.

The Four police officers were arrested on the charges have been absolved .Two teams of doctors and certain lawyers ,along with family members have been charged for various crimes.

They found that doctors had not performed proper autopsies of the women and have lied about Hyman of one of the women being torn as fabrication and their lungs were found in tact as no such tests were performed on them.

This is a unique situation where science has solved a major dilemma in the crisis.

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