Tuesday, December 15, 2009


US senate has a super majority rule which has hand cuffed it and has made it impossible for the majority to pass any legislation to move the people's agenda.It has never been any intention of the framers or any other thinkers to handicap the senate in such a way.

Super majority rules have value in making constitutional changes not to pass legislation even very important legislation.American population is very fragmented and it seems like their are many power centers and we can not agree on life saving and even well thought agenda .

We have not been able to bring the cost of American drugs to world market rates even when people are choosing food against medicine.Several million Americans file for bankruptcy as they are not able to pay the medical bills.

Otherwise Well meaning and intelligent senators take such silly stands as republicans or under the influence of insurance or drug company lobbyists that i wonder what happens to these people once they get elected .Our money culture for elections and need of raising reelection funds of more than a million dollars per year leave our leaders impotent and indebted to moneyed vested interests.

It is time that voters were reminded and they voted the senators who are in it for just office not to serve out of the office. A term limit for house and senate of 12 years would also serve the nation well.

Then there are people who are democrats who want to republican or independent or democrat if it gets them reelected.Reelection is the guiding factor for all of these people.
Look at Lieberman(lover boy my translation).He was a Democrat lost in the Democratic primary for senate and ran in the same cycle as independent and with the help of many powerful democrats got reelected in senate.Now he is taking his revenge on all these liberal democrats for voting against him and is against any reform of the health care even if helped his mom to survive.It is about time he was thrown out of the Democratic caucus and he should caucus with republicans who's presidential candidate he supported in the general election.When they say democrats have no guts ,now i seem to believe it .They can not even get rid of a guy who is against everything a democratic party stands for.

It is about time he joined the republican party.If i was telling about this guy in abstract terms to somebody they would think i was talking about some thug in Iraq or Pakistan,may be it can only happen in a mature democracy like ours after 233 years of trying to make a more perfect union(democracy).

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