Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Netbooks as learning tool for middle school .

Netbooks are smaller lesser powerful computers which have Wi-Fi built in cameras and come with windows or Linux operating system with 160 gig hard drive and one gig ram.
price can be from 250 to 320 dollars in wholesale.

Now what you can do with these computers.
1.Use Internet, conferencing and chat
4.Reading and writing of reports,news papers and books.
5.paperless environment and lighter school bags e-books.
7.learn how to collaborate on writing and other projects.
8.All school books can be updated on yearly basis and keeping them current.
9. Work in variety of environments .Written words,spoken words and pictures as well as moving pictures with sound and music.
10.The video gives an extra dimension to learning by introducing far away teachers and experts.


New computer With three year warranty and basic software 350 dollars
Yearly download of five subject books 100 dollars per year.
Yearly cost for the total tool 250 dollars per student.
Tech for the school part of library and a librarian with better knowledge of computer and Internet based search and learning.

Development costs 100 thousand dollars for creating alliances with the soft ware developers.

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