Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama,accidental and reluctant Nobel Laureate

As a reluctant Nobel Laureate Obama started by presenting his lack of achievements in comparison to martin,mandala and others who received this honor in earlier time.

He as the commander in chief of a nation explained the American way and sacrifices it made for the world peace and democracy in Europe and Asia.

It was speech telling the American story, its hopes and dreams.An effort on the part of Obama to honor the legacy of King and Gandhi and the way they dealt with the human condition.He said unlike Gandhi he as commander have to take part in war but with great respect for the human condition and dignity.

Finally a mediocre speech for this unusual an occasion .Probably an reasonable speech with the restrain war has put on the commander in chief of the warrior tribe on receiving the peace prize.Does it make him a moderate and human warrior.WE HOPE SO.

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