Thursday, December 10, 2009

my story

My story
Are you willing to stand and watch our nation stand still and our coming generations get behind and work for kids from other nations or them to to be leaders of the bright new world we are about to open up
come join me in this journey where we put our education and our nation on the path of leadership.
Warren Buffet while talking at Yale with bill gates said that the students will earn at least million dollars in their life time.He added a caveat if they learned to communicate well they can earn at least another half a million dollars.
I envision and want you to help me increase the earnings of our youth in near future.
I have simple plan ,need your help and we need to test it and then let it loose on the world stage.
My idea is simple we will provide netbooks to middle schools they will be loaded with windows and ubantu and public domain software's
we will teach them
How to back up data .print,save on thumb drive.make video, tube in the first year of school also we will teach them how to use writing software.
we can do this now as we have some advantage over many other poorer nations .if successful they all will follow us and world will be better connected place.
leadership Is invitation,imagination ,impact

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