Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti,land routes and need to distribute food and personnel.

Should bring water and food from Dominican Republic. Street clearing should have started three days ago.

It is very sad what is happening in Haiti.Now the corpses deteriorating in the streets and no room at the cemeteries.Us forces should set up body collection centers in several locations and pay the public for the bodies,This will solve the problems and pay the people with money which can always find cheapest way to recovery.

With several thousand boots on the ground It can concentrate to take care of sick and try to keep records of the dead, which is easy today with digital cameras even phone cameras.
Providing water and food is essential and it does not need military personnel if situation is taken care of before it gets drastic .This is an emergency and should be handled as such.Effort should be made to always have local people involved as workers in the distribution of aid.That is cheaper and more efficient as locals speak the language and understand nuanced differences in capabilities.

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