Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Purveyors of petty politics have pulverised the public policy and polity into pulp.

It is very interesting and disturbing how the politics works in America.Question can be raised is their wisdom in the crowd.r.

Have the purveyors(merchandisers) of petty politics pulverised the public policy and polity into pulp.

Some how a Democratic controlled senate with 60(soon to be 59) seats can not pass a legislation which is in the interest of majority of citizens,will protect Americans from going bankrupt or dying for lack of health care.Demagoguery has won over all sensible debate.Our leaders(so called) and purveyors of ideas( talking heads)can not differentiate between hype propaganda and political grandstanding.

We as nation are victim.We take any press release as the facts in the latest research and discovery and are victims of hype in food which are not good for us ,we are being overcharged for the services we do not need or use from.lesser choices are offered to us.ordinary citizens is victim of marketing gone wild and latest fads driving our lives.we are lacking time to study observe,fall in love,explore and share.
The man created in the divine image has become a diminished self slave of marketed foods and fun and future.

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