Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mice with human immune cells will be used for testing vaccines.

Cell biology is developing to level where scientists at MIT amd its allied labs in Singapore have developed a way to transfer all the related cells from imbilical cord blood of human infants into mice. the work is being done under the guidance of Professor Jianzhu Chen. They have also developed systems so 100 to 150 mice can be imparted these identical cells and making it possible for scientists to study big enough sample for the effect of different pathogens on these cells.It will reduce the risk of testing in humans .It will help in early trials of new vaccines in development.I always thought this was the normal progression of the genetic engineering of the lab mice.

I am glad sience is catching up with my utopia.

This science may be called Development of mice with the human hematopoietic system (humanized mice)

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