Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pooja Bhatia has op-ed from Haiti in NYT(new york times)

Pooja Bhatia and her boy friend are in Haiti and in the middle of this earth quake the true wrath of Gods of the biblical proportions.All the prayers piety and good thoughts have not saved the people of Haiti.
Oh it is the poor who keep on suffering.We have had a war on poverty and it seems like poverty keeps on winning.Poverty ,apathy,hunger and disease are powerful enemies not to be defeated by half hearted efforts.Nations strong and resolute have to work in an organised way not the way to feed the consultants and the contracters.


This opportunity must be exploited to at least create a simple and safe housing for the poor in Haiti.It is not very difficult to create the minimal infrastructure for a small nation .Benefits are tremendous.

Hope our collective wisdom will help to solve the problems of the time.

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