Friday, January 15, 2010

MIT and its report on minority faculty.

MIT ( Massachusetts institute of technology ) is one of the sites i visit regularly. and i am quite impressed how they deal with variety of issues involved with learning innovation and training the best and the brightest minds in the world.In the process the have made research and learning alliances with many universities in other countries.

MIT on Thursday issued a report by its Initiative on Faculty Race and Diversity that provides important findings about how race affects the recruitment, retention, professional opportunities and collegial experiences of Black, Hispanic and Native American professors at MIT.This forms the under represented minority faculty.MIT by asking a group of 9 faculty members to study and give solutions to the problems of not being able to attract and retain faculty of this under represented group has made an important effort in this field.

Institutions worldwide would benefit from the findings and recommendations provided in this report.I know these are complex problems related to development.In many of the developing countries to correct inequities many time very draconian measures of high reservation of seats are taken in the process innovation is hindered and such actions have negative impact on scholarship.

We are at a very interesting juncture in history where many of America's elite schools have women presidents.FOR MIT a school known for technology, having woman president is quite commendable.May be it is putting a chink in the statement once made by Larry Summers(even if in jest) that women were not endowed be top rated scientist.

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