Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amrut Patel's e-mail and the Nuclear option

Dr Amrut Patel a dear friend sent an e-mail stating how the politicians can not be trusted.It showes democratic senators protesting against republican senators(in majority then) desire to change the senate rules so simple majority could vote in the the nomination of the federal Judges.

In this context debate today is using reconcillation process to pass the health care bills passed by senate and house by a simple majority.That is the standard procedure.

Here is my respose to his e-mail.

Amrut, reconcilation is done with simple majority in senate.Changing the rules or the nuclear option is changing the senate rules to pass the legislation with simple majority.In health care today that is not the case .You are falling prey to the right wing hype.

I do not think it is bad for the nation if 40 million more uninsured are covered in the nation .Curbs on the cost of healthcare will be good for the nation.I have blogged and reported how Mr Sen has commented on Paul Krugmans Blog(in New York Times)reported that americans are paying 193 billion dollars more than Japanese for lesser health care than they recieve.Paul Krugman a nobel laureate thinks it is better for our nation to pass a health bill though imperfect yet it will cover 30 million more Americans and will not deny them coverage for preexisting conditions.

kul bhushan

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