Saturday, February 27, 2010

Arrest of Taliban leaders of QUETTA SHURA.

It is in the news lately that Pakistan in unusual cooperation with USA has started arresting members of Taliban in Pakistan.If that is true on the face it seems like a very positive development.

Reporters and analysts of the region do not think it is that simple.They say that all the Taliban Arrested though influential were political Taliban who were ministers and Governors in the Taliban regime of Afghanistan.They were the people Karzai Government is trying to negotiate a peace with.

Is Pakistan again using American expertise with drones to eliminate more powerful enemies and independent players of its regime.Pakistan criticises the drone attacks and is happy when its enemies are eliminated .It is win win for Pakistan .If drones kill some innocent soul they blame the Americans and when they kill some enemy of Pakistan they are happy and take credit and ask money to fund the Pakistani action which is away to fund its Military and state on the dole.

By receiving American funding and propping its Taliban allies Pakistan is playing a game to complicate the picture for the financial game.Pakistan is playing with fire where they get funding from America and work with Taliban to undermine American agenda in Afghanistan.Pakistan's cozy relationship with Taliban and other jihadi outfits ,rolr of Fundamentalist Wahhabi teaching of Islam and China make it suspect in the long run .I do not think in this unipolar environment ,when America is propping up the regime, Pakistan can afford to alienate America and survive.

If Pakistan is not willing to help in solving the problems of the region .Soon it will find that America's patience is running thin and will find itself alone and without any Friends and resources .If Pakistan is able to do the things in a right way rewards are peace in the region better life for the citizens of Pakistan and its neighbors.

PAKISTAN is creating higher deficit in confidence among its allies and future friends like India,Afganistan ,America and Nato.

In final analysis nations like people make friends by b eing friend.

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