Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dubai killing of Palestinian hitman by a group of killers.

A Palestinian hitman and arms dealer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh ,leader of Palestinian group responsible of many Jewish deaths has been killed under strange circumstances.The video tapes put a sequence of events worthy of a high class crime novel.There may be many lessons for the masters of spy agencies in this episode.It will be analysed for years, what not to do when eliminating your enemies in friendly countries.

Let us look at how these friendly countries are working.In its desire to be Switzerland of the middle east.Dubai has become a hub for business interests which want to be bridge between unfriendly countries and circumvent the international trade.It has given freedom to arms dealers ,traders of illicit goods and center for all sort trysts between nations,agencies and moneyed people of the region.

Let us look at some of the facts of this killing.This man a known killer(in Israeli circles) as well as international circles was living in Dubai with impunity.He was not hiding or undercover or in clandestine mode.

It is correct for nay nation to get mad when foreigners with passports from several friendly countries kill a visitor to your country.It is important to observe that fugitives from international justice should not be given international protections for business expediency even if it is for some political and economical gain.For countries to insure that no violence comes to their nation they have to keep clean of providing venues to known terrorists and counter organization from making it their home.

IN ORDER TO HAVE A SAFER SOCIETY ISRAELI AND PALESTINIAN GROUPS HAVE TO FOLLOW INTERNATIONAL NORMS.It is the need of business centers not to become center for espionage and counter measures for all groups in conflict.Dubai canot be used by Iranian spy agencies with impunity without Israeli agencies making it their business to counter them.

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