Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comments on PU policy on attending international conferrences.

Punjab University has been stung by the news that a law student from it university was arrested on charges of improper behaviour or attempted rape .News says that she was also attendee at the Harvard University conference and was drinking with the boys before she went with them to their hotel.

University officialdom was upset that this student was able to go directly to Harvard conference.They should be pleased that more students were able to attend the conference.I hope many Harvard students may visit Punjab University for conferences as participants.They should encourage such exchanges without the red tape.

This experience tells us that these boys were not experienced and educated about relations between adult men and women.Every student visiting any foreign country should be required to take a course in relational sensitivity.Every 18 year old should be made aware that they have responsibilities as adults.One of them is be a responsible adult .Failing that they will have to bear consequences.

University should work at enhancing student experiences including bringing international students among the student body.Short term teaching learning opportunities should be made available with flexible study and research agenda in sciences and humanities.

A few observations i would like to make.

Harvard and MIT try to recruit 1/3 from international students from all continents.

A goal of ten percent At Punjab University would be good goal.A special deanwith funding would be a good start.If this person was recruited from USA premium university would be helpful in developing relations with premium US universities.

Appoint an advisor to facilitate scholar exchanges with best institutions of the world.

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