Monday, February 22, 2010

Sad Sikh Be heading In Pakistan,

Dawn news Pakistan Feb 22 2010,
Sadly conditions of minority and even Shia are becoming unbearable in Pakistan's frontier region.

Three Sikhs were kidnapped from Chora Tanga and a demand of 20 Million was made for Kirpal Singh's release.When elders of a local Jirga and relatives of Kirpal Singhwent to negotiate release of Kirpal Singh beheaded body of Kirpal Singh was given to them.Evry so often such acts happen in Pakistan where it showes that government is unwilling and unable to protect citizens.

Everytime a ray of hope is seen some dastardly act makes it impossible for the Country to improve its human rights record.

If it is not Sikhs,it is christians ,who are killed.Shia Musjids and Dargahs of peers are routinely bombed and many innocent are killed in the process.Just recently i watched in Horror pakistani police break the saying of Quran from the mosqes and homes of Ahmadia families.They would not even leave the sanctity of Quranic verses in their Zealot behaviour.

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