Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our criminal system,Arrest of visitor from Punjab University.

Last week a young man visiting Harvard University from Punjab University to attend a conference about law found himself in a difficult legal position.
He and some friends met a young woman in a bar (naturally drinking) and she went with them to their room.It is alleged that at some point police was called and the boy was arrested.As this happened on Saturday and Monday being holiday the boy (24) was presented in the municipal court on Tuesday and his bail was set at $5000 cash.As nobody was available to post a bail he was sent to the 200 Nashua st Jail.My understanding is that he got bail today.

I am writing this to discuss several issues raised at this point.Our community has no mechanism to help such people in need any of us can fall victim of such charges. Even if somebody is guilty of heinous crime needs the protection of good defense so that individual rights may not be abused.

Jesus had also mentioned service to imprisoned people as desirable act.I for one thinks that any prisoner can be lonely and desperate.Society should provide mechanism to defend them and rehabilitate them if possible.

Our society has done well so a lot is expected from Us.If we can not take care of the weak ,we are not worthy to be called a great people.

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