Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prohibtion and communism are two good ideas that don't work.

“Will Rogers said Prohibition and Communism were two good ideas that don’t work,”

You would not believe even today in the year 2010,that in state of Mississippi one third of the counties are dry.That means that alcohol can not bought and sold in these counties.

Mississippi, the first state to ratify Prohibition, has a peculiar history when it comes to temperance. Liquor was banned here long after federal Prohibition was repealed in 1933,

After fifty years the residents of birthplace of William Faulner can legally drink beer. Mind you they still can not buy wine or liquor in this town.More than fifty years ago Faulkner made a plea to its citizens to allow alcohol in its community for the benefit of its citizens.

This is not unusual for India where in state of Gujrat Liquor has be banned for long time as legacy of Gandhi and his birth place.Gandhi is known for his Prohibition and Faulkner for trying to repeal it.End result is still the same. Long term Prohibition to benefit the elites and make life of ordinary blokes miserable and vice more expensive.I do not know how many lives have been lost because of poisoning caused by bad liquor .I guess it gives some people satisfaction if they are able to dictate other lives.Gandhi himself was victim of that.This statement is in no way to reduces his importance with experiments in non violence and different methods of conflict resolution.
It showes that even Gandhi was not perfect as he was mere mortal.

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