Saturday, February 6, 2010

the language drama

Jha a vice president of Nepal created controversy by taking oath of his office in Hindi.That made Nepali purists mad and Supreme court ordered him to take his oath in Nepali, which he refused, in the process the post of vice president became un fulfilled. Now it is said that he will take his oath in Maithili and hopefully fulfil the requirements of law as well as not compromise in his own thinking.

In Maharashtra,the state where Mumbai is situated a Muslim legislature took his oath in Hindi in the national language of India which got Marathi zealots mad at him and created a sad rancor in the state.Finally state agreeing to allow oaths to be taken in Marathi,Hindi or English.

In several states in USA it happens often that bills are placed on docket to make English only as the official language.Most American forget the fact English was chosen by one vote over German as the language of USA.Texas was part of mexico before becoming an Independent nation and then joining USA.Most of the southern united states was bought from France in Louisiana purchase.Many northern states in USA border on French speaking Quebec.

Bangla Desh and Pakistan war of 1971 in part was war for language supremacy or lack of importance to Bangla in Pakistan.
aNow it seems the last native peaker of native language of Andaman Boa Senior has died taking with her the historical changes in this language,its origin and drama with it.Bo is dead.

China is killing for uniformity many regional languages of its great history , culture and Heritage.At times it seems it is the war between Tibetan Buddhism and Han communist Chinese is all about.

For technical competence Japanese as well Chinese has been modified to be made computer key board findly and in the process altering it.

For Knowledge of the world One great language would be adequate for most people.Time could be better spent in acquiring knowledge than additional languages.

For cognitive development of a child learning several languages and higher mathematics play an important role.Highly developed minds are our common heritage. As for me i am glad i learned Urdu and Hindi which has given me great enjoyment through the poetry in them and gentleness of the languge is hard to imagine in English.

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