Monday, March 22, 2010

Good news And more good news

Tom Friedman in his article about dream team of scientist( winners of Intel Science talent awards) writes that most of them are children of Immigrants.Good news, our children may have some advantage because of this. Bad news that their children will not have this advantage.These children can help their children by helping them spend the time it takes to master the craft of becoming experts in any field. New research shows that it takes about 10000 hours of study to be an expert in any field.Four hours a day will give one about 1200 hours a year.So it would take eight years of practice to be good at any subject.

It has also been found that Very young (0 to 15)are specially attuned to be able to learn languages,music,Musical instrument,dance.Actually it is much difficult for older people without basic understanding of theses subjects to learn them later on in life. Capacity to learn improves till late twenties .

If America keeps its doors open for new immigrants we can be sure the innovation will come from America.

That is even good for rest of us without immigrant parent as these young people will keep the competition open and exciting for all of us.

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