Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health Care and cerebral presidency.

Out of the last three presidents we have been lucky to have Two with great power of understanding.Bill Clinton with his vast knowledge and interest in variety of subjects and his empathy and ability to connect with variety of people and feel their pain enables him to be an outstanding problem solver and healer.

Obama having been raised in several countries and having a Muslim father and a mid western mother brings an experience not common among the contemporary leaders.His curiosity and ability to understand complex problems from economic,health care and international relations makes him an outstanding president at this time in American history.It seems that his awareness of history and the roles presidents can play has allowed him to achieve more in a year and half than most Presidents in Two terms.He has already won the Nobel prize for peace and he had not done anything at time yet.I hope he is the president with great stars.

This Brain power and the ability to understand national problems sets the time for the real cerebral presidents.

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