Saturday, March 27, 2010

Human longitivity and the current times

Human longevity is improving and most of the care is becoming the norm the united states.
At sixty i was wondering that i have 15 years to live.Not that it is a morbid thought to think of death.I have already lived twice as long as Jesus Christ and i have lived even longer than Shakespeare, the great poet.My lack of achievements humble me and increae the respect i have for the masters of the past.In spite of the computers and other tools i find that i am lacking the capacity to communicate any profound thoughts.

Today i am convinced that with the medical advancements and lifestyle improvements my chances of living another 20 years are better.Will we be able to live better and productive lives is still the question.

Our quality of life and quality of human life around the world will be better in the future because of miniaturization of technology.We are starting to look at people as resource.Human capital as a real capital.Sharing human ideas has made it possible for us to be aware of human problems much faster and hope is that cloud or crowd can come up with solutions much simply than any hierarchical organization even the US Government.

Behavioral changes in US have reduced the tobacco use in all population Now we are going to reduce obesity for the benefit of the human race.What america does impacts the rest of the world .Question remains will be still leaders and relevent to world in tfwo generations or will fall victim to mercantile gerimandering.

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