Monday, March 29, 2010

reading ,learning and boys.

Reading,learning and boys .In most of the advanced societies proportion of the girls going to colleges is increasing and is now more than 60 percent in some schools.While it is very commendable that women are getting better education but at the same time it is sad that boys are lacking behind.It is sad for the human race if such disparities persist.

It has been analysed that many fifth grader boys are not reading as much as girls. Disparity in reading can be as much as 50000 to 800000 words per year.The problem may be that at that age most of the books are written to interest the girls not the boys .It is not the boys fault if not interesting books are written to hook them along.

To be articulate it is important that a child reads at least 10 paperback books every year.I am sorry to report their have been years when i have not read that many books.On the other hand writing is equally important .If every child wrote a thousand words we would have a new Shakespeare every ten years rather than every 500 years .With google translation it could be translated easily in many languages.

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