Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Something about death penalty.

China had the largest of number of people put to death.It has said that lower number of people were given death sentences in China,most of us do not believe it.And why would they not give public accounting for death sentences.Something is sinister about the secret trials and the secret executions.Are he Chinese still harvesting human organs from the executed people.Is it just another form of mercantile China harvesting all its resources.May be nothing is verboten to the Communist Chinese thinking.Are we roving Karl Marx right that the capitalist will sell he rope and noose to hang him with it.Our trade with China more and more proves that point.

US had 54 executions.24in Texas alone.New Mexico is the the newest state to ban the executions for the delight of most.India,Pakistan and Indonesia had no executions. In case of Pakistan,summary executions in police custody are a common practice,sadly some people have been killed under Blasphemy laws even in jails and no body has been punished.Lack of order and civil society protections make it a lesser achievement than it would have been.

In case of Bangladesh their inability to execute was thought to be weakness of the
regime.Sadly in order to prove that they have become democratic and have thrown shackles of military rule they executed Killers of Mujibur Rehman the father of the nation.I hope they stop such Machismo.

Sadly the worst perpetrators of death penalty are the mos regressive nations of the world .Starting with China,Iran,Iraq and Saudi Arabia and my USA.Is USA a regressive nation.If any body makes such an observation on the basis of death sentences carried out,i would have to agree.At the same time I would like to tell the world that new england( north eastern United states) have abolished capital punishment for a century. New Mexico is the newest state in United States of America to ban capital punishment.

Now their are 95 countries which have banned Capital punishment.

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