Wednesday, May 19, 2010

India and the cell phones.

It is about time where India can take benefit of the advanced technologies now and make them more nation friendly.

For starters they can set structures where all new phones will use any of the three approved type of chargers.AT the same time approved type of batteries may be developed This should be an action to standardise the most used items and reduce the cost.If three types of batteries were used for the phones.Battery industry could be developed in short time.Other small scale services for refurbishing and taking care of Phone batteries will help India reduce cost of batteries.

It is very opportune time as 3g and 4g services are soon to come to India.With a market of billion plus users India should make it its priority to develop Indian handset and infrastructure development its priority.

In the present business climate it is important to mention that most of the world will have to adopt low profit model(10 percent profit)or loose the market to Chinese state manufacturers.While I am at it another thing they will have to do is that In India all the raw materials including water transportation and energy will have to come to the world rate.
It is sad that cost of shipping of small parcels from India is very high that is a cost burden for the small manufactures and traders.

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