Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Surprise surprise Apple is worth more than Microsoft.

Surprise Surprise Apple is worth more than Microsoft.

Apple the producer of ipad ipod iphone Mac and other computers , gadgets and operating systems is worth more than Microsoft.

It just proves a better simple consumer focused product beats any business savvy model whose main business is to kill the competition by making other soft wares non compatible as in case of JAVA. Killing the search engines and other businesses .Microsoft success story has been written with great pomp and show.Apple by making newer gadgets which people wanted reinvent itself and has proven the success of great innovators.

Warning to all .Days of 20 to 40 percent margins on products and services are going to disappear.China with its state capitalism and hundreds of millions of trainable workers is going to eat e markets of western and eastern entrepreneurs alike New model will be ten percent return on investment and that would have been much better than we had in last a several years.No Wonder Chinese businesses are getting all the contracts where they are allowed to compete fairly.

China by stealing design, know how is hurting itself. Warning by Microsoft of bad environment for software development in China because of Software Pirating. Needs of most nations to keep trade in balance is opportunity for companies around the world to rethink and help the ordinary citizen get the benefit of technology advancement.

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