Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ted.x comes to Chandigarh May 31 2010

You may be aware of Ted conference's and Ted lectures by the innovators and thinkers of the world may be the premium site to find what the smart people are thinking. It covers ideas in science ,medicine and human development.Other site to check ideas in science may be
These are my regular intellectual nourishment. They always leave me humbled and encouraged by the work many among us are doing.

TEd lectures are unique that they are packed in 22 or so Minuit's each and they bring people from diverse back grounds to speak in a day or two conferences.Any young adult will get a great benefit by attending one of the conferences as participant or even as a volunteer.

For everybody in Chandigarh May 31 is the day when TedX chd is happening in Chandigarh Try not to miss it.Any way next best thing will be TED X on line after the conferences.

Good luck TED.x.Chandigarh.If you attend you may get chance to meet many of the important thinkers of India.

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