Thursday, June 24, 2010

McChrystal out suites win

Yesterday i blogged and hoped that McChrystal would be spared.No such luck.Sorry dude,you fucked up and now you pay.

The article in Rolling Stone(The Runaway General) i just read on line.Author Michael Hastings has written about this band of warriors from inside the belly.Tension between soldiers and bureaucrats is common.It is always presented as a struggle between brains and brawn's. In reality in America earlier with citizen soldier and now with an effort to bring brains from all fields of expertise it is not a struggle between Boots and Loafers.

Article is not as rude that it required such a harsh action by the President.In reality it seems that people with views opposing the general won.Sad indeed as president said that he has no policy disagreement with the policy.Ego's ,oh we do not have any,till we here a lowly major disparaging some suit.It is a place where fuck it is used instead of hello.All the warriors are called muscle brains.Boss mucks with the meanest and roughest.In the end they are used to delivering what any nation asks of its elite soldier.May be this culture is OK for a unit but not the unit attached to the commander responsible for 150000 soldiers at war.

I hope president will pay attention and create a clear command structure for the civilian authority in this war.You can not expect a soldier to do nation building and a social scientist to fight a war.

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