Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama and McChrystal in pickle.

General McChrystal and staff by their loose tongue has caused a crisis. Which happens to be of their own making. These are the soldiers who are experts in stealth,focus of purpose and honesty even bluntness. Most of their activities happen in a very secure environment. This reporter from Rolling Stone (HASTINGS)some how was allowed into this elite group of brothers and reported on conversations which were rantings of high stress environment soldiers with everything at risk.It is not fair as it seems from McChrystals initial apology.

Again this was not insubordination as disobeying orders or intent of leadership.May be it was jockeying for position and asking the reporter to report on risks they as team of soldiers are used to taking and are taking all the time . It is sad that a reporter did not get the spirit of the place and chose to report on sensational gibberish of the place.In any family if one is privy to conversations of any spouse that how incompetent their better half is and took them seriously all the marriages would fall apart.Obama does not have to look farther than his own family.

These people have great respect for the system and themselves, not to undermine the authority and integrity of the mission. Generals staff acted more like the close knit family they are, rather than a hierarchical organization military is though in the fighting force General McChrystal is at top of 150000 soldiers.

This makes Obama and McChrystals job very crazy.President needs to be respected along with the different people in the command structure and general needs to deal with limited bosses to achieve the fighting forces goal in the field.Do not have mission creep by loading civilian duties on the fighting general.Give those jobs to Ambassadors and secretaries of state and special envoys of the state department and others.

Yes we need to ask the general to do his military mission with honor and give him a break at this time .Role of this soldier has to be defined by President and given opportunity to finish the task and ride away into sunset.

Carrier of a soldier should not be tarnished by this loose talk and reporting by a reporter at this particular time while McChrystal may be the most ready and capable soldier in the field.

Chastise him by taking civilian responsibilities away and let him finish the job he is most qualified to do. Good luck to the President and the General.I hope cooler heads prevail.

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