Saturday, June 19, 2010

José Saramago, Nobel Prize-Winning Portuguese Writer, Dies at 87

At one point the couple decides to take refuge for the night in a hayloft. “There is no more satisfying smell than that of turned hay,” Mr. Saramago writes, “of bodies under a blanket, of oxen feeding at the trough, the scent of cold air filtering through the chinks in the hayloft, and perhaps the scent of the moon, for everyone knows that the night assumes a different smell when there is moonlight, and even a blind man, who is incapable of distinguishing night from day, will say, The moon is shining, St. Lucy is believed to have worked this miracle, so it is really only a question of inhaling, Yes, my friends, what a splendid moon this evening.”

IS NOT THAT THE BEST LOVE POEM WRITTEN WHICH IS MADE TO LOOK LIKE A NATURE BALLAD.Terry says it is description of what most people would not notice or take for granted.

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