Friday, June 11, 2010

MIT deworming project for children

How MIT Sloan School of Management Professor Kristin Forbes is helping to improve school participation in developing countries for just pennies per child.

“One of the most cost-effective ways of getting more children in poor countries into school is deworming them with one or two tablets a year, which costs pennies per dose,” says Kristin Forbes, professor of global economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management and a founding member of Deworm the World (DtW), a group that organizes and supports deworming activities around the world.

The program cost in Andhara Pradesh(INDIA) has been only 18 cents per child while in Kenya it has be 36 cents per child.These costs have been well below the 50 cent price target they had set for themselves.The effect of the deworming program on children is miraculos.

This year they are targeting Bihar and Delhi for the project.Most of the work of the group has been in Africa and India. World bank and Clinton global initiative has helped in the project

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