Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things URI can do

1.Charge 10 dollars per year from each person connected with school and create ten parking lots with total 500 hanging bike stand. Buy 100 mountain bikes and create snow storage for them.Run a class how to fix bicycles.

2.create a science and math charter middle school.It has its own funding with intent to improve education.

3. coordinator for other non profit and for profit institutions.

4.Have weekly talks in school by in house thinkers.(Sunday morning 9 am sharp 30 minits tops.

5.lunch streaming of idea talks

6. daily broadcast of school events at lunch.

7.Attend seminars( send bus) to Boston weekly .

8.Build two residences for faculty small 2 bedroom units in each resident hall so teachers and students may live in close proximity and promote the culture of learning.

9.Develop a senior multi unit condo living with 300 units with 5000 yearly charges for university student services.

10.better use of Alton Jones campus.summer winter.

11.develop on campus community of resident thinkers.Twenty apartments.

12.eliminate bottled water use on campus by providing steel flasks and other.

13.As the only Pharmacy school in RI Devel better relations with medical school as well as Pharma,nursing, and other stake holders.

14.help communitis develop better liveable communities.

15. Find solutions for poorer communities of the state.

16.Find ways to improve use of ripta with help of federal programs.(mini buses)Use of
seated vans for student activites.Purchased from GSA and driven by students

17.Run a real estate law and practice school .Offer it as part of studies for all specialties.

18.Bid for all city and state and private studies.

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