Friday, August 6, 2010

Julia Roberts prettiest "Pretty Woman" a hindu.

"Pretty Woman " professes to be a practicing Hindu.She finds peace in going to temple and chanting and dancing and praying there.Good Luck.
I hope She is at peace or seeking peace.

This movie based on the life of an American woman who traveled and lived a year (if my memory is correct)in India with her Brazilian boy friend.It seems like an adolescent story just happening to a 40 or so years old woman not in seventies but year 2005 or so.

Hinduism and Buddhism do not try to convert people to their faith.Dalai Lama says Hinduism is like older wiser brother of Buddhism .Beauty of Independent India's political can be role model for all the advanced societies.India has had Muslim ,Sikh and Hindu presidents.Current prime minister is Sikh.President is a woman.Most powerful politician is catholic woman born in Italy.While India is 75 percent Hindu.

You go Julia any faith which teaches acceptance and tolerance like they have shown by ballot box in India deserves respect.Finally the great saying of Hindu Sages come to mind
"World is one Family"

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