Friday, August 20, 2010

Lunch lady riders/SEXY STRADLERS

Here at 690 Oaklawn ave at Oaklawn Cleaners i see these four beautiful young women in equally maxed out bikes( motor cycles) all of them are at least 1000cc.A long way off from 50 cc put puts(mopeds) and macho 350 cc Royale Enfield's of my childhood.Those were all kick start machines and somebody told me they were two stroke machines.How you know you have a two stroke engine other than the technical mumble jumble ,two stroke engines require you to mix oil into gasoline(patrol) to lubricate the engine.

So these are mammoth engines.It is no stress for them to carry a passenger they could carry a family if required but are not so blessed.Many of the car engines in India are smaller than these motorcycles.One may even call them gas hogs but in relative field of transportation they give higher mileage than cars any way .some OF THESE ENGINES are water cooled with radiators.These iron horses and lunch lady riders are a sight to behold.

Lucky for them no men are in their gang i call them iron horse riders.I wanted a more appropriate name to define them one suggested Biddie riders it is a new term i have heard describing old ladies .These are no old ladies by any means.Now i remember what dad had said" anybody twenty years older than you is old" so these could be young chic iron horse riders.Oh that is too long a name.

I have better name SEXY STRADLERS. Hope they like it.

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