Friday, August 20, 2010

Pay of parliamentarians in India goes up to $1200/month

Please note per capita income of usa is 40 times of india .With that parameter in mind they are overpaid by a multiplier of three.
Free housing and other perks also count for value.

To have a competent parliament it is very essential that the salary of parliamentarians should be set at parity with highest employees of the state.

It is more important that a democratic process be developed inside the political parties .A primary election for the party leadershipand tickets is needed to elect real leaders and not only the yes men and professional political operatives.

Democracy is a messy way to govern and it may be most satisfying when one does not get its way and has the faith in honesty of the system.Faith in the process is weak.
We can always learn from Older democracy of America and how they historically tackled the problems of it.No body has a better and diverse track record than USA.
kul bhushan

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