Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh i know it is summer!! my fly

I know it is summer as while i am reading Maureen Dowd's column in NYT.The column is about her email conversation with a young film writer Sam Wasson(28).They are talking about "Breakfast at Tiffany, Carey Grant and Katherine Hepburn".then she asks about new Sturgeses and Lubitsches?”

I do not know anything about these people .If they came across me i did not recognise their presence.Oh every body has seen Katherine Hepburn and Carey Grant even if one does not know them. Sturgeses and Lubitsches?” they are like characters from obscure Japanese Kabuki Dance only cartoon figures in light and dark.They must be important as these guys were using their names and taking the space in venerable New York Times.Then Ms Dowd sort of owns that space.

.I have a stubborn fly continuously buzzing and landing on my arm.I have tried to swat it without any success,I guess i do not have Obama's fly killing dexterity.He showed last year while being interviewed in the White house.That was first for a president, at least i think so. I am glad this expert(fly) has given up on me and may be found better abode or perch.Do flies perch or they just swarm and land or bomb.

I am writing this at the job my brother has given to me .He knows i use the computer here and does not like it .I feel i am wasting his money and my time .Hope 21 august will be my last day on this Job and then back to figuring out how to figure,write may be a pamphlet and video tape and publish and post.

I am looking out for Next twenty years of mental combat with the masters.Even if i loose it will be a loss to the giants and masters not to some midget minds.

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