Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ayodhya; Ram janam Bhumi and Babri Masjid( State court ruling helps avoid a conflict)

In 1990's Babri Masjid was demolished by Hindu worshippers and started riots all over India which took away 2000 lives.

Now at a critical time in history when India is getting ready for commonwealth games in Delhi.Govt Of India decided to have the court verdict declared in spite of fears of SANER people of the world.

And today the court ruled that the land would be divided three ways .One part where it is said that Lord Rama was born will go to Hindus.One part would go to Muslims as a mosque was there for 400 Years.And one part will go to An Akhara (Gym) belonging to Hindus .I assume that they also must have been able to establish a claim for the land also.

To me this Whole process of Justice has been an exercise in solving unsolvable problems in human existence in modern multi ethnic and multi religious societies who have claims of ancient births and conquerors who are known to have destroyed places of worship to build on them Islamic mosques.

Government by buying all surrounding lands have made real ownership of the land a mute question and now can find a solution for most difficult of the problems of religious rights without being partisan.

In coming years temple and mosques and other places of worship will be built on this land which secular people of the world could be proud of.In India the land of thousand tragedies finally peace is going to be the norm .Hindus will feel lesser paine of the violence Of Muslim (at that time foreign intruders)of centuries ago.And muslims will feel lesser paine for the destruction of the mosque at this place.Both the religions will be able to accept and live with each other as they have done for hundreds of years.

Everybody Take notice.

Time of war is ending .It is fitting tribute on Gandhi's birth day in his land of birth.

I pray that Pakistan may get a better system where to start with Ahmadi,Shia and Sunni all(Muslim) may live in peace.I pray that in the future no Ahmadi(Kadiani )is abused for calling on Allah and can live and die as muslim without fear of violence by the majority.No body should have the right to remove saying of any faith from a place pf worship or even home.They can start by repealing the Blasphemy laws to begin with .Under this law many people have been arrested and some have been killed(murdered) by people with their own political and sometimes financial agendas.

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