Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NY Times has a story on how large Brockton high(4000+) improved.

"Remember when you work in real job that means at least 20 DOLLARS PER HOUR"

That should be the Mantra for all the teachers at all colleges .

Jobs is the focus.Learning,excellence,research and employable skills is the goal of education.

The Mantra "when you go to college" was the motivator for the Brockton high.They started with fundamentals reading and writing for all students.

URI could start with mandatory 7 to 9 am study period for all. and mandatory 8 to 10 pm study for all .This would set up the minimal study time .Culture of taking your notes or a book all the time should be promoted .Book exchanges should be created all around the school.

Students who get need based scholarships should be encouraged to study additional one hour daily.

Academics and sports would be treated at par and research scientist pay would be increased to finally match sport coaches.

Writing should be promoted even Jocks should be required to write the steps they take to make a shot.All should be encouraged to write out their problems hopes and aspirations.

So it is not the size of school which matters it is how on motivates and delivers a good education.Finally to it is that to be a writer one has to write.So it is all reading writing,comprehension and ability to explain that is communication which is written,oral and visual.

New books will be read on a device with built in video and audio files .New books will be better and we need the developers of them all.

Any institution which encourages to create a Shakespeare in fifty years will be great.

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