Monday, October 4, 2010

Complete and Modular Certification of EHR's.

Dr.John Halamka Blogged this morning on his blog has stated that 33 complete and modular EHR's have been certified by Certification Commission for Health Information Technology(CCHIT).

He also states that may be all the EHR's were offered for complete certification.For not having total clearity of the format for scripts some of the EHR"S were given certification only for the modular .As the rules are clearified they me be eligible for copmlete certification.

He is also mentioning how he is solving this problem in by pursuing site certification for the hospital.

He again warns that all ;

"In the end, it will fall to the purchaser to ensure their goals are aligned with vendor plans. If purchasers are seeking modules to expand the capabilities of an existing EHR, that should be clear. If purchasers want a complete EHR and their preferred vendor is currently a module, purchasers should request an agreement that the vendor will offer a complete EHR in a set period of time."

I add that costs should also be discussed up front.

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